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As some of you (all like, 2 of you that may or may not read this), I bought myself a bunch of personal training sessions toward the end of last year. It was partly because I'm a sucker who can't say "no" when people present me with really compelling sales pitches, and partly because I did have a real desire to learn how to take care of my body.

I accomplished a couple things: I learned that I am capable of having a healthy diet (though it takes a LOT of work). I learned that I am physically capable of a semi-rigorous exercise regimen (which is also a lot of work). I lost a little bit of weight, a couple of inches here and there, and proved to myself that I can, in fact, be active. I liked the way my body looked when I was done, but I loathed the time consuming and distasteful diet and I hated waking up early to make it to the gym.

Tragically, I treated my release from my physical training sessions like a college freshmen treats her newfound freedom: poorly. I irrationally resented my trainer for "forcing" me to eat healthy and "forcing" me to work out all the time, especially in the (gasp!) morning. I allowed myself to fall out of what had almost become a routine (I say "almost" because the exercise regimen never really clicked) and went a little overboard with the fact that I no longer had anyone to report about my diet to. Because of this, I gained back the weight plus a pound or two (to be fair, my weight loss was anything but dramatic, it was what some people lose in water weight when they stop drinking pop) and lost the muscle tone that  made me look skinnier, thereby gaining those inches back.

Swimsuit season is coming up. Now, I hardly anticipate to actually have an occasion to wear a swim suit as I have an intense dislike for direct sunlight, chlorine, algae, sand, and small children; all of which tend to accompany any sort of swimming occasion, but the idea of not having my long layers to cover up my rebounded body has given me a sort of jolt.

Why am I sharing? I need to be held accountable. I believe that was why I was even moderately successful during my PT sessions: I had a nice young man who was expecting me to tell him about my diet and exercise. Having some sort of accountability, ANY sort, I think will help me be more faithful.

So, tomorrow (well, technically today) I intend to start my quest to be healthy [again]. I plan to:
-Sleep for 9 hours a night. Since my schedule is so erratic, I figure imposing a time limit rather than a hard and fast wake-up time would be best. This will also prevent me from being a lay about who sleeps for 14 hours a day.
-Eat 3 full meals a day, plus two snacks. These should be healthy-ish. Not sleeping through both breakfast and lunch should help.
-Make it to the gym 4 days a week. Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays should be good for this.
-Do at least 45 minutes of cardio and do three sets of at least one core-targeted circuit each time.

Crossing my fingers that this will help.
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