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My freshman year in high school, I decided that it was my chance to re-create myself. I wasn't too sure how one goes about changing oneself, so I convinced myself of the concept that all I need to do is make a list of the qualities I'd like to have, and it. Or maybe if I wished hard enough, it'd happen.
Obviously that was a flawed strategy. It never worked.

One thing that I've always told myself (or perhaps wished for myself) is that I could do pretty much anything, job/career-wise, and be happy. As long as I have coworkers I enjoy, friends I can talk to, and enough money to do the things I want to do, I couldn't really care less what my profession was.

On the one hand, I still believe that this is true about myself. For example, I'm ridiculously content with my bartending job. I love my coworkers, I love that they're turning into friends. I make good money, I'm living a good life. I'm currently struggling with the concept that it seems like a lot of people, from my parents to my managers who keep asking me how my "job search" is going, expect more from me. That is an issue in of itself.

My lease will be up in, oh God, 2 months? and I need to figure out what to do. The plan had been to move into the city with Linda, but doubts have been plaguing me. Finances are a small part of it, but mostly the concept of change is giving me the willies. I convinced myself last night that, eff it, this is a perfect opportunity to test out the theory that I'll be happy doing anything, anywhere.

New Secret Life-Plan:
-Transfer to TGIF downtown, live with Linda
-After year, move up into management (in 'burbs?)
-While managing, get MBA
-Utilizing MBA and industry knowledge, open own bar/restaurant, someday
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