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 I'm typing this to you from the Starbucks across the street from my new apartment. Other than getting the address on my license changed, I'm officially a resident of the glorious city of big shoulders.

Good things about the apartment abound, including but not limited to my roommate being Seester, but right now the bad things are clogging up my mind. One of which is the fact that cell phone reception keeps flickering between 1-2 bars, or "emergency calls only". I really don't know how that's possible. Maybe the proximity to the El tracks? i also got a really poor night's sleep, maybe only getting 45 minutes of solid sleep at a time. It was partly due to stress of being in a new place, semi-irrational anxiousness about my car parked two blocks away, but also the noise of the train, the whine of my ceiling fan, and loud drunk people. My favorite drunk person of the night was some girl who was yelling over her friends, who at one point proclaimed "I'M NOT BEING LOUD!!!!" I wanted to lean out my window and go "yes you are! Shut up!"

I've been a bad kid and have creeped on Alex's facebook waaaaaaaaaay more than I should have, and I've seen that he had a successful first interview with IIT. That, combined with the knowledge that he'll be going to grad school up here in the fall is really kicking my post-breakup angst into high gear. I'm still feeling like we're broken up for no reason, so the fact that we're both going to be in the city, going about our grown up lives completely separately is doing a number on me. Because seriously--we're both going to be in Chicago, why aren't we doing this together?

I've found myself a breakup buddy in the form of SB. I'm devastated on her behalf that Drew broke up with her (after 6 years???) and I hate that she's hurting too, but it's kind of nice to have someone who is going through the exact same thing. Our situations are eerily similar, down to the fact that we're both coping with watching as much Say Yes to the Dress as possible, and I think it's good for both of us to have someone we know we can lament to for as long as we want or need to. I overheard a coworker of mine the other day complaining about a friend of theirs with the phrase "they broke up like two months ago, and she still won't shut up about it! Just get over it already, god!" While I know that Poncho will always, always listen to me and be there to console me, I do know that several months of whining about the same topic can get really old, really quickly. Having SB there to commiserate with for however long it takes to get past the irrational ending of a long-term relationship is comforting.

In a few hours I'm going to hop on the 147 and see how long it takes me to get to Friday's. I'll probably take the red line back up to compare. The joys of everyday public transit, here I come.

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