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 Bullet point style update because I feel like writing, but not necessarily going in-depth.

-Went to P. Stan's 35th birthday party, had a fairly good time. I made the mistake of making a cup of sangria for S'Becks and, naturally, EVERYONE wanted sangria. It's nice to feel wanted. I survived John innocently asking where my "future husband" was, and got a big, drunk hug after my response of "two streets away, actually. Also he broke up with me." I was also strangely tickled to be served jello shots at a celebration for a 35 year old at a house that before the bubble burst was probably worth near a cool mil.

-The weather out today is absolutely gorgeous. Living so close to the lake is wunderbar, because the breeze is delightful.

-NewFriday's is taking a lot of getting used to. I keep making the mistake of comparing it to OldFriday's, so naturally it isn't going to match up. None of my new coworkers are my friends, so I don't have as good of a time, and I don't want to stay and work later because "gosh I'm tired" outweighs any other desire to stay. The place doesn't feel like "home" so I'm slightly resentful of working long hours, instead of semi-happily admitting that work IS my 2nd home. I don't know the routine, the ebb and flow, the general pacing of the place so I'm constantly on edge trying to get a grasp of what's going on. It's just...uncomfortable, for now.

-On the brightside, some of my new bartending coworkers noticed me reading "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" which instantly clued them in to the fact that I'm no ordinary PotterFan, and enthusiastically insisted I attend Potter Brunch, which seems to involve going to see the movie at midnight and then going out for food to discuss/gush/criticize. It lifted my spirits by a million.

-On the darkside, my spirits were instantly dashed last night to find an e-mail from Alex in my inbox. My resolve had crumbled a week or so ago and I sent him a brief e-mail, essentially reminding him that if he wants to get back together (now, later, ever, whenever) to not hesitate to contact me. I didn't think that it actually merited a response, and had taken his previous lack of response as my answer. It was helpful to the moving on process. Alas, he took it upon himself to respond last night, and all the defenses I'd built up went crumbling down. I'm not going to respond (though Lord knows, I want to) because I, unlike some people, recognize when an e-mail doesn't invite reply.

-I have a lot to be looking forward to. There's Birthday Dinner for Danny on Thursday. This coming Saturday I get to go back to OldFriday's and judge the bar flair competition. There's an LBC concert in two weeks. In three? weeks I'm flying out to Oregon to spend a couple days with SB. September 25th I'm going to a Blackhawks game with Lauren and Poncho. Now to deal with all the inbetween times.

-I'm slowly trying to get my room in order so it feels like I actually live here. Putting up a multiple-picture frame doo-dad helped, though it currently has no pictures. I'd bought it ages ago with the intention of making it a me and Alex thing, so trying to figure out what to put in it instead is making whatever it is I choose feel a bit cheapened, like "here, friends/travel photos/family, you're my 2nd runner up".

-I bought some really awesome shoes. They make me six feet tall. I'm excited to think up an excuse to wear them.
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