theaftercath (theaftercath) wrote,

City Lights

I keep meaning to post about City Life (tm) and consequently forgetting. Part of it is that every single day, hell, every hour I'm outside of my apartment at least half a dozen interesting things happen to or around me. Cataloging them seems simultaneously daunting and pointless. Weird and interesting is de rigeur here.

I just walked to the Jewel a couple blocks away with the intention of buying milk and leaving with ten pounds of salad dressing. Chicago has obviously not changed my dietary preferences. On my walk there I encountered:

-An old man wearing and selling umbrella hats-A guy in one of those goofy street sweeper vehicles, whom I smiled and waved at
-4 guys who passed me on the sidewalk who told me I was beautiful
-An abandoned copy of Richard III at the Berwyn stop
-Two teenage girls screaming at each other about liking the same boy

It's never a dull day in this city. I'll probably have more interesting encounters on my train ride/bus ride to Poncho's later this evening which will be unremarkably remarkable.

PS I'm meeting Alex tomorrow to "discuss the possibility of working it out". I have no idea what will come of this.

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