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Laundry Day

 A gigantic indication that I'm not yet a high-level Adult Human is that I require an entire day to do laundry. This would make sense if I had, say, a family whose clothing, bedding, and towels I was also responsible for but no no. Just my wee self. I might be tall-ish but my clothes really don't take up that much space, so the fact that I let it get to the place where many loads are required negates any sort of responsibility points I gain by the sheer act of laundry doing.

I was going to level-up in Adulthood today by going to the bank, but after some scrounging found I had enough quarters to do two loads of laundry. So, the bank can wait. I did encounter the dilemma that I have AT LEAST two loads of clothing that needs washed, in addition to my bath towels, sheets, and especially my comforter. 

So I had to do some laundry triage. The comforter MUST be washed. My towels desperately need it (though I could postpone them a week if I only shower once or twice). I have to wash my work pants like whoa, as well as the 3 pairs of jeans I own. So it's come down to this: one load of jeans/work pants/towels; one load of my remaining lightweight clothes which I will have to sort in order of importance; I'll Febreeze the shit out of the hoodies that aren't getting washed today; the comforter will be hand washed in the tub.

Hand washed! How grown-up is that, right?! Annoyingly so, it seems. I went to investigate the tub to find to my dismay that it needed to be cleaned. So I had to locate the tub-cleaning-things and scrub it down first before I could even begin to get the comforter clean. Then I realized I don't know how to hand-wash stuff so I had to look it up on the internet. It seems it's such an embarrassingly self-explanatory chore that no one on the internet wants to explain exactly how to do it, so I decided I'd just wing it with some laundry detergent, warm water, and vigorously rubbing the comforter against itself.

So that's done. The water turned an appalling shade of maroon which makes me think I've done something wrong (probably "not washed it enough up to this point, considering I've had it for 4 years now") and now I have to find a place to hang it to dry.

My life is hard.
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