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Just for a moment

It's the day before Thanksgiving. I've accidentally taken a 4-day reprieve from work due to a combination of scheduling and illness and this morning has been spent in leisurely organization of my bedroom. My usual clutter which consists mostly of clean laundry, receipts, and clothing tags has finally gotten to me and I decided that I wanted a clean, habitable room to come back to after the holiday.

I put on my "bumpin' tunes" playlist, cranked the bass on my nice computer sound system and set out to work. I put all the boxes that were on the floor of my closet up on shelves, I consolidated my 7-piece luggage set that had managed to strew itself about over the last few months, and I put all my clothes on my freshly made bed in order to sort and fold. "Fireflies" by Owl City came on and in a moment of whimsy I wrapped my hipster scarf around my shoulders and began spinning and dancing around in the small amount of floor space I have.

For a couple minutes I was just joyously happy. I love that song; I felt carefree; I was thinking about how in a few hours I'd be home with the familiar smells of furniture and cleaning products I grew up with; I was thinking about how things with Alex were, in general, quite wonderful and how I was looking forward to the next couple months of birthdays and Christmas and anniversaries; in my fanciful spinning I'd catch glimpses out my window of my very typical Chicago street and felt content that I'm living a version of life that, since high school, I've always pictured for myself.

I'm happy, my friends. I'm content. Work can be frustrating and customers infuriating but I have a career trajectory solidly in mind and that sense of purpose has lifted the cloud of failure that has been hanging over my head since graduation. I have a wonderful family who loves me including a very tolerant sister who puts up with my habitual slobbishness. I have a Thanksgiving dinner with family friends who've known me since I was naught but a glimmer in my parents' eyes to look forward to, and a cold front has finally descended upon Chicago so I think my best friend Snow is in my near future.

I am grateful and thankful for this happiness, for this contentment with my lot in life. I'm feeling a bit sentimental, but cold weather and holidays have that effect on me.
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