theaftercath (theaftercath) wrote,

Brushin' Dirt Off My Big Shoulders

 I should really be attempting to fall asleep right now, but a combination of this being a normal time for me to be awake and the fact that I have most of a Samuel Adams Old Fezziwig Ale to drink is keeping me up, for now. I find it interesting that my first experience with beer was sampling a myriad of Weihnachtsbier while in Berlin and hating them, and now I think that Christmas ales are my new favorite.

Taking the train tonight was interesting. Occasionally my CTA trips will be mildly entertaining, but the stream of constant characters tonight really outstripped any other experience I've had before. I'm going to blame The Big Guy In The Sky for cursing me with the people in the particular car I chose, since I specifically walked down a car to avoid a pack of girls who were shrieking and stomping their feet while we waited on the platform.

First I was greeted with the disgruntling sight of a full train, standing room only. The pleasant smell of booze leaking out of pores hammered my nose and it was unnecessarily loud. First I got to witness some girl being awfully derisive about Chicago when she loudly burst out "MY city? This isn't MY city. This is just the city I'm currently in. MY city is Portland. Ugh."

You know what, Portland? You can have that lady with her ugly blue eye shadow and grating voice. I don't want her.

I was fortunate enough to witness the phenomenon of some underage guys acting all thuggish and tough while wearing their latest release Air Jordans, North Face jackets, and Ed Hardy hats as they contemplated how exactly they were going to get into the club they were headed to (rawonderland , I bet they're yours). Some dude with smelly dreadlocks snagged a seat near me and head-banged to his music which added another wonderful, wafting aroma to my olfactory delight. A couple stops later some drunk guy and his boyfriend stood near me, and the super wasted one whined about how his tooth hurt while making horrible smacking mouth noises as he sucked his tongue in and out of his mouth, all while incessantly crinkling some cellophane baggie of Christmas cookies.

People in MY city are whackadoodle, if you ask me.

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