theaftercath (theaftercath) wrote,

Does good luck come in threes?

I think I'm the luckiest person in Chicago right now. I got off work at a reasonable time, which meant I could go try to shovel my car out of its spot and drive to the suburbs instead of taking the train. After borrowing a shovel from Brian and Drew I spent a minute or two assessing the situation, and began to break up the now-icy snow around the front and sides of my car.

While I'm doing this, the person parked behind me gets in his car. Holy crap, I think. Now I don't have to do any shoveling! In my excitement, I dropped the shovel as I was putting it into my backseat and when I lean down to pick it up, what do I see?

Why, only my parking sticker that I dropped in the snow last week and spent 20 minutes digging for but was unable to find.

Thank you, God, or "luck" or who or whatever arranged for this to happen. Thank you for keeping people out of Friday's so I could go home. Thank you for Brian deciding to shovel out his car which meant I had to wait for him to finish. Thank you for the trouble he had getting out of his spot so that I had to wait a little longer. Thank you for making me so hungry that I stopped to make a sandwich before heading out. Thank you for my ability to be overly excitable when I'm rushing.

It's gonna be a good night, methinks!

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