theaftercath (theaftercath) wrote,

 Things I need to remind myself that are not nearly as big deals as I think they are right now, because I am tired, hungry, and decidedly crabby:

-People on the bus not magically knowing I'd been standing/working for 10 hours and therefore not making space for me to sit down
-Being reminded that Catholics think they're special and different, and probably better, than other Christians
-Alex not magically knowing that I harbor the wish that he'd rearrange his Tuesday schedule in order to better accommodate us having time to see each other
-Couples being couple-y in my range of vision
-People wanting to get a late lunch or early dinner when I was already an hour past my out-time
-My warm fuzzy socks are dirty. Why didn't I wash them??
Tags: ranting, shenanigans, the boy, work-bartending

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