January 4th, 2009

evil toys

Fuck you, Cynthia!

I'm hoping venting about this idiot will be cathartic....

I honestly haven't had an abnormally sucky customer in a really long time, so I'm maybe stewing over this girl who was in last night more than I normally would, but man, she made me mad.

This Girl (TG, for lack of a more creative acronym) who I remembered from last week for flirting border-line inappropriately with the guy bartender and leaving a sub-par tip, sat herself and a friend in one of the bar booths. When I asked "Hey girls, is everyone you're with tonight 21?" (no one under 21 is allowed in the bar area after 10pm) TG flashed her pearly whites and babbled about how most of them were but one or two aren't and the host said it was okay! When I reminded her of the 10pm rule, she said "Who's managing tonight? Tim? Have him come over here, he'll tell you it's okay!"

It was only moderately busy, and we're allowed to make the call on whether or not to let under-agers in (teenager with his parents, for example), so I said "I really don't care too much, I just want you to know this is an exception." TG then went on and on about how she's friends with a girl who used to serve at my TGIF. Two other girls showed up, and I checked in with them within a minute of their sitting down. One girl didn't want anything, two others didn't know what they wanted. They were blatantly ignoring any questions I was asking (Can I get you anything to drink? Would you like me to put in an appetizer while you're thinking? Do you need more time?), and when I said that I'd be back in a few minutes to check on them, TG said "No stay here, if you leave they won't look at the menu, they'll know in a minute or two!".

I replied that I had other tables (I was very visibly the only bartender working, and business was moderately hopping) but I would be back shortly to check in. Every single time I walked by their table, I would ask if they were okay, if I could get them anything. Every time TG would tell me "They'll be ready in like, 5 minutes, just wait here so they feel the pressure!" and I would dutifully wait and make small talk and suggestions for maybe 1 minute, and then excuse myself to tend to other people with promises of returning.

In the end, TG was the only one who ordered anything, and while the majority of my other customers seemed to have no problem/were quite pleased with my method of service (judging from amount of smiles and tips percentages), TG not only left me a very insulting tip (the kind that's worse than no tip at all), but an even more insulting note that read:

"Maybe next time you'll do better :)!"

I think I'm mostly just steamed up because a) she's friends with a former coworker/sort of friend of mine and should know better and b) kept going on and on and on about how she's friends with people here and we'll totally make exceptions for her because we know her here omg :) :) :)

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