January 14th, 2009

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Dear Live Journal,

I promised myself I'd write (almost) every day in this new year. It hasn't been working out very well thus far, but here's what I have to say today.

I'm a friggin' moron.

I decided to make myself some coffee, and decided to treat myself to what little of the Kona coffee was left. I set it up for half a pot, leaving just enough Kona grind for another half a pot. Came in here to bask in the validation that is LJ communities, and went back to the kitchen when the coffee maker beeped to get me some of that deliciousness.

But there wasn't any coffee in the pot! How odd, I thought, until I noticed the pot wasn't quiiiite tucked in, and a strange, brown liquid was covering the gray countertop. My precious, delicious, expensive coffee was spread all over the dirty counter (luckily, none of it spead off onto the floor).

So I sopped it up with a sponge, and used up the last of my Kona to make another half pot. Damn. Damn damn damn!

I made sure the carafe was niiiiiice and secure this time, though.