January 25th, 2009

evil toys

Things I Learned In D.C.

1) Chanting "O-Ba-Ma! O-Ba-Ma!" is the new way to win any dispute.

2) I can go at least 12 hours without using a restroom.

3) Everyone assumes all the bad weather originates in Chicago.

4) Everyone also assumes that if you're from Chicago you're impervious to the cold.

5) Neither cold, nor wind, nor cement barricades, nor shrubbery shall stop me from Getting The Hell Out of There.

6) D.C. metro police are completely useless.

7) The Quizno's on G street is Evil.

8) Port o Potties are quite sturdy.

9) Don't try telling a joyous mob that Obama is NOT a god.

10) Floors can be comfy if you're so exhausted you can't feel your body.