January 27th, 2009

evil toys

Daily attempt at writing #....4? (26 days into the new year, shoot!)

Sometimes I wish for a relationship with The Boy that doesn't resemble an early high-school friendship. Now don't get me wrong, I'm waaaaay more in love with him than I ever was with friends I had freshmen or sophomore year, but the way our relationship works just feels light years behind the relationships other people my age are having.

We both knew going into it that we'd eventually end up in different towns and we'd have to work a little harder to find time to actually be together, but I'm starting to get really annoyed with the phrase "So, would you want to hang out on Saturday?"

Really? Hang out? We're really still asking each other if we want to hang out together? Please.

I sometimes wonder if we'd still like each other if we saw each other every single day like other couples I know who, you know, go to school together or live near each other. Of course, when we first started dating I think we actually did "hang out" every single day, so in retrospect I'm don't think it's a concern.

I'm just tired of missing him, I think. At Friday's we have regulars who come in once a week or more and sit at the bar top with their Other of Significance and they smile at each other and laugh together and just sort of exist in a casual comfort and familiarity and it makes me a little jealous, to be honest. I love spending time with The Boy, and it's getting supremely annoying to have to jump through hoops and consult a star chart in order to spend a few hours sitting together watching a movie or going to a bar ourselves to sit, smile, and laugh together.

I guess the moral of my musings this afternoon is that I should be thankful The Boy didn't pick a university more than 30 miles away, because then instead of being annoyed at the formality of our togetherness I'd probably just be plain The Boy-less.

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