May 3rd, 2009

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Among many things that escape my ability to comprehend are both racing sports and high-scoring sports. I just don't see the point in watching a NASCAR race until the last 10 laps (unless you're rooting for a crash, you dick) or watching a pro-basketball game until the last 5 minutes (which last for 45 minutes anyway so hey! Lots of time to drink your beer and get a buzz). Having to watch those things are as interesting to me as watching golf.

I passed my bar re-validation, and am really glad I'm not one of the people a lot of Sarah and G's anger was directed toward. I, unlike some people, do things when I'm asked and do them fairly promptly. I even came in on one of the days I was too sick to work to take my stupid recipe test. There's a lot of things that are being changed, and I'm objective enough to understand that the managers think/know this will make us more money and make the bar a better place, but I'm worried of a) caring too much about this job and b) my coworkers not caring enough. I don't like getting yelled at, but I also don't think this morning's yelling was unwarranted.

Bah. I need to start having more of a life outside of Friday's.