August 9th, 2009

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I've been listening to a lot of Top-40 music recently, reveling in the fact that pop music, for the most part, hasn't changed since middle school as far as things that make it enjoyable. However, I've become incresingly baffled by a number of what appear to be very consistant concepts:

-Who is "Shorty", and why does everyone keep singing about her? Why is she so good at dancing? She always seems to have a boyfriend, or at least a very loyal group of female friends, yet all the guys keep trying to persuade her to come up to the hotel, motel, holiday inn room.

-What's up with all the computerized voice modulation? The only use I ever hear it put to is to manipulate singer's voices up or down a half note, seemingly at random. The Black Eyed Peas newest singles are good examples of this, and I'm not convinced it adds anything to the music.

-I'm confused by the dichotomy of an appreciation for truly witty analogies ("you're like a high-school drop out, no class"), and entirely gross, simplistic descriptions of sexual acts ("here go some egg whites" is the one that makes me gag every time I hear it) coming out of artist's playboy mouths.

-Everyone seems so uptight about plagerism. Fergie calls out the "chickens" who are "jackin'" her style. Kanye is always troubled with the potential of imitation, and everyone seems to think it's prudent to spell out their own originality. Which is hilarious to me, seeing as they're punching out pop jams.

-The majority of songs now feature a litany of artists who are featured more prominently than the artist credited with the song. The Onion has an article about it here, and I'm inclined to believe that if The Onion were ever to produce a factual article, this would be it.

For the most part, I'm enjoying bopping along in my car to the same 5 or 6 songs that comprise Top-40 radio stations, occasionally cringing at the imagery blaring from my speakers. However, I think my confusion about current trends shows I'm just a little too cerebral to truly enjoy that boom boom pow.