September 20th, 2009

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Okay look.

I always feel like I have interesting things to say. Even if it's just arbitrary junk about my life. The problem is I'm out of practice, and I think the fact that my computer is down by my bed, and I feel too damn lazy to type when I'm laying down.

Things I've been doing recently:
-Watching True Blood. It's a good show, at least, the plot is keeping me interested. The main character, Sookie, annoys the ever living hell out of me. I don't know if it's the gap in her teeth, the proximity of her eyes to each other, or the fact that her character is wildly inconsistent.

-Missing The Boy. Visiting him in KY both helped and worsened the suckiness that is a LDR. It made me realize that we're not going to fall to pieces or reunite as strangers, but actually being there with him, doing cutesy couple-y things and remembering how good it is to have physical proximity and just how important his presence in my life is has made me miss him all the more.

-Bartending. I realize more and more just how much I love working at Friday's, and I've put a lot of serious thought into moving up into management. That's a career move that will require massive amounts of thought and pages and pages of my Pro/Con list notepad, and will require an acceptance of giving up on my broadcasting aspirations.

-Exercising. I joined the gym across the street, and after busting out that Pro/Con pad, also got a personal trainer. I'm considering it a birthday present, as I'll run out of sessions just before my birthday, and I also paid for it using money I had planned on getting a swanky TV with. I'm notoriously lazy, but having a trainer should help with that, especially since I don't want people to know I'm lazy. The biggest hurdle will be with my diet. Allegedly, I need to eat Healthy. Not "healthier". Just plain healthy. I think I'll see for the first month how the healthier route goes (only eat food prepared at home, unless it's Friday's Key West Shrimp, already gave up drinking pop, will try to avoid crap food). Seeing as my diet is absolute shit, I have to think that making better choices, if not the BEST choices, will help. We'll see.

-Being on LJ. I need a life, or at the very least, a life I can actually talk to people about.

I'm tapped out.