September 24th, 2009

evil toys

I need to unplug from the Matrix

I just... wow.

6:42pm: I see a funny online comic
Early in the 43rd minute of 6pm: I begin a wall-post to Jaci on facebook
Later in the 43rd minute of 6pm: Jaci sends me a text message, unrelated to facebook
Still time-stamped as 6:43: I text Jaci back, also finish aforementioned wall-post
6:48: Make a "tweet"
6:49: Receive a text from Jaci informing me she's responding to said tweet
6:49: Receive a text from Miranda, also responding to said tweet.
6:51: Jaci and I decide, via text, that we're either very good at stalking, or very lonely people

EDIT: Began this LJ post at 6:50. Note that it is timestamped as such, and therefore predates my 6:51 proclamation of stalking proficiency. For the record, this edit was typed at 6:58