October 26th, 2009

evil toys

Attack of the killer bees!

Well, perhaps I'm the only one in the house vulnerable to the killer-ness of the bees, but I do feel under attack.

Late this summer, we had a Big Fly infestation, in that the family room and kitchen windows were acquiring flies in large quantities, and that these flies were gigantic. We never figured out where they came from, or why they congregated in those rooms, or what steroids they encountered to make them so large, but after about a week of Windexing the shit out of any intruders and using the long hose attachment of the vacuum to get rid of them, they stopped showing up.

Now wing'ed creatures of a more sinister variety are invading my home, namely wasps and bees. I suppose I can't blame them, as I wouldn't want to live outside here in northern Illinois as winter approaches, but I want to know where they hell they are coming from. They seem to exclusively hang out on the family room window, which makes them easy hunting targets, but I'm at a complete loss as to how, and where, they are getting in.

For now the Raid that Drew used to zap some bees last night seems to have having a desirable effect on newcomers. Within a minute or two of scaring me to death by flying into the window (from where?!?!) a new wasp was down on the window sill, flailing about in the throes of poisoned death. The red vacuum is on standby in the family room, poised for a quick and clean elimination of the fallen.

You might be able to kill me, little Hellions, but I have the power of a cyclone in a convenient hand-held device and 911 on speed dial. You can't even use a phone. I will win this war.