November 25th, 2009

evil toys

What we have here is a failure to communicate

So, a while ago Drew mentioned to me that his company was thinking of putting together a Christmas party, that he'd probably need a date, and that I should go with him. At the time I was all "yeah yeah, whatever, sure, I like parties". Today he texted me with the "formal" invitation. Namely, with a date and the actual question "you wanna go?"

I was just going to say yes, but then a small voice in the back of my brain said I should probably run this by Alex first, if only out of courtesy if not truly for his input. We're not in the habit of asking each other for permission to do things, but I figured he might appreciate a heads-up or something.

The problem with my personal communication style is that when I think something is important I vastly over-think it and worry about it until the words are forced and scripted. Conversely, when I don't think something is terribly important, I give it very little thought. Being the only girl Drew knows in the area and thereby his default date didn't really make it onto the "important" or "big deal" list, so when I broached the topic with Alex I perhaps used the wrong words. Specifically, the word "date".

For a man who once vehemently claimed that he "doesn't get jealous", no, not even if former-roomie Brian and I had make-out parties every night, he sure made an adorably jealous noise when I asked. He somewhat begrudgingly said it's fine as long as it's not a "real" date, and it took a lot of willpower on my part not to laugh too hard. Really? Really?

I'll probably ask again, just to give him one more chance to vocalize if he's actually bothered. Cause while on the one hand I'm a Grown-Ass Woman and I'll Do What I Want, on the other I don't actually want to do something that'll upset him. I really wasn't expecting his reaction to be what it was, so now I feel obligated to reevaluate my plans.

Silly boyfriend.