December 10th, 2009

evil toys

A nice reminder for myself

Today dad and I went to the NCC bookstore to get me one of those fancy diploma frames. I'm on campus quite a bit for speech and debate related things, but walking through the snow to the bookstore, and being surrounded by all kinds of NCC spirit gear made me oddly nostalgic for school. I realized I miss it.

I drank a lot of coffee a few hours ago, and am still feeling awake and motivated, so I decided to put my diploma in the frame. It's been on display in the cute faux-leather booklet-frame thing it came in, but I figured it should go to its new home. I opened the shrink-wrap from the back, as per instructions, took the backing and matting out from the back, placed my diploma in upside-down, made sure it was straight, secured it with this odd green circles, then put the matting back into the frame and locked it into place.

Not giving it much thought, I flipped it over to make sure I did a good job centering it, and I very suddenly got a little choked up. There was proof of my BA, looking all regal in its embossed frame, and I thought to myself I graduated college. I'm a college graduate. I'm educated. College.

It sounds silly, feels a little silly. I've been graduated for almost 2 years now, lots of my friends are in grad school, and a few friends have Grown Up Jobs, one of whom I live with and get to witness pooping out at 9pm because he has to be up at 5am to drive into the city in his collared shirts and nice shoes. But school was always a little anti-climatic for me, probably especially because I didn't go to graduation.

Looking at my diploma looking all official like that just really drove it home. I'm proud of myself, ya'll. I don't think I've ever really acknowledged it, but I really am. I got my BA in less than 4 years with a double-major, working almost full-time, kicking ass and taking names in speech and debate, being a rockstar in the communications department, pretty much paying for it myself, and my loans have been paid in full for almost a year as well. I done good.

It's nice to have been reminded of that.