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theaftercath's Journal

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13 December 1985
I've been known in the past, when complaining about teenagers, to utter the phrase "Just go slit your wrists and write about it in your livejournal already!".

This journal exists for two reasons:
1) To have a place to vent my workplace frustration via the customers_suck community
2) Be a general stalker and able to comment on those whom I stalk.

Things I Do:
-Bartend at a corporate chain restaurant
-Speak (dubiously correct) German
-Watch way too much TV
-Board-op for a a small grouping of radio stations in Joliet
-Take long naps
-Help the children speak and debate more effectively at my alma mater
argyle socks, being a robot, deutsch, lists, pudding, stories with no plot-arc

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